Step 1 – Investigation

Lets talk about what matters. Question driven conversation to explore what’s happening and what’s important to you. A good overview perspective.

• How long has the company been going?
• Who are the partners?
• Do you get on with them well?
• Is the company profitable?
•  Are you happy doing what you do every day?
•  What are the main issues that you have in the business?
•  What would you most like to change about the business?
•  What are your plans for the next 5, 10 and 15 years for the business?
•  How big do you want it to be?
•  Do any of your family work there?
•  How’s your current marketing strategy working for you?
•  Do you have a loyalty program?

What areas of your life do you need to better understand and plan for?

Why Your Business GP?

Pricing value around a client and not merely a collection of arbitrarily priced products and services that are thrown together in the expectation the combination will produce the result needed by the client. It is the well planned and considered needs being met by the appropriate professional to deliver the best value for the client. This is the essence of Your Business GP.